Mrs. Christie Schexnayder–CEC Parent Advocate of the Year

Hope Academy is proud to announce that Mrs. Christie Schexnayder has been nominated and awarded the first-ever Parent Advocate Award by the Louisiana State Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). Mrs. Schexnayder was recognized at the Super 32 conference in Lafayette, LA on January 28 in the presence of her family and Hope Academy faculty members. She was nominated by high school teachers Mr. Matthew Caillet and Ms. Sue Mclin.

Mrs. Schexnayder has donated countless hours towards the betterment of Hope Academy by serving on PAF, orchestrating numerous fundraisers and events, and substituting for various teachers. Her son, Aaron, is a ninth grade student at Hope Academy. As it was stated in one of her nomination letters: “To say that Mrs. Schexnayder volunteers her time and services to Hope Academy would be an understatement. Mrs. Schexnayder devotes her time daily to the school and substitutes for teachers without asking for any monetary compensation. On a daily basis, she also assists a teacher with a moderate-sized class every morning, handling students who are tardy and those needing special attention and control. Mrs. Schexnayder also assists and volunteers with numerous school functions and activities throughout the school year. She spots the uniqueness of each exceptional student and does an outstanding job tailoring her instruction and service to that student’s needs.

“The administration at Hope Academy encourages faculty and staff to work as a team in educating each individual student. Mrs. Schexnayder, with her endless devotion and kindness, serves as a shining beacon to myself and my coworkers.” Congratulations, Mrs. Schexnayder!