Unique Solutions for Unique Learners

Hope Academy utilizes proven research-based techniques that are tempered with caring and customized to meet the unique requirements of the individual student.

Founded in 2007, Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Every student has unique and complicated patterns of strengths and weaknesses, that affect academic, social and emotional progress. Hope Academy’s mission is to meet the unique needs of students who typically have social and academic difficulties in conventional school settings by teaching these students how to manage and adapt their own unique systems to enjoy healthy, happy lives.


Hope Academy accepts unique students including those with:
• Mild/Moderate learning challenges
• Autism
• Asperger’s Syndrome
• Learning disabilities
• Students on grade level who benefit from low pupil/teacher ratios
• Dyslexia
• Down Syndrome
• Older special needs students, not pursuing high school diplomas, providing them with a Functional Life Skills Lab
• Students requiring intensive intervention in small, specialized Limited Enrollment Classes.
• Hope Academy currently serves students from nine parishes in the Greater Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area.


Hope Academy’s instructional curriculum is as unique as its learners.

A sound, flexible diagnostic-prescriptive approach is utilized, with proven research-based methods and materials adapted to meet individual needs.

Every child has a learning plan that allows progression on their unique level and pace. Academic, social and behavioral objectives, benchmarks and anticipated timelines are set for each student.

Hope’s climate is one of inclusion, encouragement, positive relationships and recognition of accomplishments.

Hope Academy enjoys low staff/student ratios. V
Many children with learning and developmental challenges have trouble with relationships, reading social cues and distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, reading facial expressions and understanding language nuance. Social skills programs embedded daily in the classroom provide students with greater confidence in social situations.

Sports, clubs, dances and other activities enhance the social skills and self-worth of Hope Academy students. Many students coming to Hope Academy have been marginalized in previous experiences and excluded from many activities. Hope Academy strives for student participation in all activities.The combination of specialized academics, social skills training and participation in extracurricular activities results in feelings of acceptance, confidence, happy demeanors, friendships, improved self-worth and most importantly success.


Hope Academy provides Kindergarten through 12th grade classes and multi-level special needs classes for students through age 21, all designed to meet the different and unique learning styles of individual students.

Admission is granted on an individual basis determined through interviews with parents and student. Parents of potential enrollees are encouraged to tour the school to discuss an individualized plan to meet their child’s requirements. While Hope Academy’s goal is to accept all students, certain medical, ambulatory, mental, behavioral and emotional issues may be outside the realm of Hope Academy’s current capabilities. In certain situations a student may be admitted on a provisional basis or with the agreement of certain adaptation or assistances to be provided by the parent.

Diagnostic educational testing is administered prior to enrollment and as often as necessary at a minimal one time charge. On occasion, this may be postponed until the student has entered and become acclimated to the school.

Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy, Inc. admits, on a non-sectarian basis, without discrimination, students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available to students at the school. This non-discrimination policy includes the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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